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Centrally located in downtown Portland, Oregon, Levinson Law is a law firm dedicated to emerging and small businesses, providing excellent legal services at cost-effective pricing.

A law school friend of mine told a story where a professor at our law school was lamenting that most attorneys entering into the practice were “K thru JD” meaning that they went from kindergarten to getting their juris doctorate without ever working in a real job. These attorneys know plenty about the law, yet do not have real world experience to guide them as they provide small business owners with legal advice. Unlike these attorneys, I have had quite the adventure prior to my law degree. To see a little bit of my history, please click on my biography page.

Levinson Law offers corporation, LLC and other business formation packages for a flat fee. As part incorporation process, a federal and Oregon name search is provided to ensure the corporate name is legally available. These comprehensive packages give you peace of mind knowing that all the legal requirements for your Oregon incorporation or LLC have been fully met.

In sum, Levinson Law is a highly-experienced firm representing clients through integrity, competency and a touch of humor. I invite you to contact me, whether by phone or online. Let me know how my firm can assist you in your current state of business. I look forward to talking with you and taking the time to discuss whether Levinson Law is the right firm to associate with your business.

Give us a call to find out if Levinson Law is a good match for you. Call 503.222.9057 or contact us online today.

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