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Are you choosing between an Oregon incorporation or an LLC incorporation but don't know which Oregon incorporation to choose? The various corporations serve different corporate purposes. Choosing the right small business incorporation is a big advantage when establishing your business.

Before you contact the Oregon Secretary of State incorporation division to incorporate or form an Oregon Corporation or LLC incorporation, you should contact Levinson Law, the small business incorporation expert.

At Levinson Law, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of small business incorporation, helping you choose the small business incorporation that is best for your business. When I speak at seminars and group meetings, I generally give three advantages of forming an Oregon incorporation or an LLC incorporation:
  1. Limited liability protection for the owners;
  2. Maximizing tax benefits, including retirement & health plans; and
  3. Advertising Presence™ - the idea that, all things being equal, a client or customer will choose a small business that is an Oregon incorporation over one that is a sole proprietor.
There are differences between an Oregon LLC incorporation and an Oregon Incorporation. The Oregon Articles of Incorporation are different than the Oregon Articles of Organization. Although the incorporation fees are the same for both and both are Oregon companies, there are statutory legal differences between the two, especially if an S corporation is involved. For instance, an Oregon LLC does not need bylaws but an Oregon corporation does require them. However, an Oregon LLC requires an Oregon LLC operating agreement.

Levinson Law offers corporation and LLC packages for a flat fee. As part of the small business incorporation package, an Oregon dba and Oregon name search is provided to ensure the Oregon incorporation or LLC name is legally available. These comprehensive packages give you peace of mind knowing that all the legal requirements for your Oregon incorporation or LLC have been fully met.

Give us a call to find out if Levinson Law is a good match for you. Call 503.222.9057 or contact us online today.

Centrally located in downtown Portland, Oregon.

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